Our Mission

Create sustainable, flourishing lives after incarceration through entrepreneurship.

The Challenge

1 out of every 20 U.S. citizens will serve in prison in his or her lifetime. Once released, traditional labor markets are often closed to individuals with criminal histories.

The Opportunity

While workforce training programs are popular, the intersection of entrepreneurship and ex-offenders is widely untouched and not well researched.

The Solution

RU Flourishing (RUF) is a training, support and research initiative that will help ex-prisoners returning to their communities imagine, start and nurture ventures that will allow them to build flourishing new lives.


Who We Are

The Rutgers Advanced Institute for the Study of Entrepreneurship and Development serves as the platform organization supporting a series of initiatives intended to drive entrepreneurship efforts across Rutgers Business School and the greater community.

Research Driven

RAISED affiliated faculty and staff conduct basic scholarly as well as applied and pedagogical research.


We produce award-winning programs that are helping to transformed the City of Newark, New Jersey, and contribute to the social and economic develop of urban centers around the world.


We offer specialized training for specific industries and demographics, promoting sustainability, ecosystem development, and management of new ventures.


All our activities are built upon an array of collaborations, both internal and external.

Interested in helping us flourish?

RAISED is looking for formerly incarcerated person who’ve managed businesses successfully to partner with us this Fall. Reach out to us for more details.